Pet Doors Diamond Creek

Creating pet-friendly homes, one door at a time.

Pet Doors Diamond Creek

Install a Pet Door

Whether you have a cat, dog, or any other pet that likes to go inside and outside as they please, playing doorman for them can take up a lot of time! Pet doors can be fitted in glass doors, sliding doors, and even windows to make life easier for you and for them. With a pet door installed by our professional team at Eltham Glass, you can trust that your door will retain its security and integrity while being incredibly useful for all the members of the family.


Pet Doors Details

1. Share the Details

The first step is to measure the area where you plan to have your pet door installed. We recommend trying to use the smallest space possible, as a smaller door will generally be less expensive than a larger one. If you already have your pet door and need it installed, please let us know its measurements. 

2. Get a Quote

We take this and any additional information you give us to determine the cost of your pet door installation.

3. Installation

We install your pet door wherever you are in Diamond Creek and its surrounding suburbs, giving your pet the freedom they deserve. 

How Our Pet Door Service Works

Supply and Install

We can supply the pet door that will best suit your needs and install it for you. Our pet doors come in two sizes— small and large— and can even be installed in double-glazed glass, glass doors, and sliding doors. We do this by replacing the entire panel, always aiming for the smallest panel possible in an effort to keep costs down. If you have a large dog, pet doors are usually still an option— you may just need to source one from a company such as Australia Pet Doors.

Install Only

If you have your own pet door and need it professionally installed for your peace of mind, we’re happy to provide this service as well. Save stress by having our professional team install your doggy door so your pets can come and go as they please while those pesky bugs stay put outside.



Your Pet Door Questions Answered

How many size pet doors do you have?

We offer two sizes: small and large. These are suitable for most small to medium cats and dogs. If you have a very large dog and require a larger door, we can still assist with installation! You’ll just need to source the door itself from a supplier such as Australian Pet Doors.

What is the lead time on pet doors?

This depends on factors such as whether you already have your pet door or need to source one, among others. As such, the lead time will differ from job to job— when we know what yours will be, we’ll let you know.

Can you install pet doors on double-glazed windows?

Yes, we can! Today’s pet doors can be installed on many different types of doors and windows, including double-glazed windows, security doors, sliding doors, and more. 

What is your service area?

We service all areas of Melbourne. We are based in Diamond Creek, Melbourne and work with homeowners and businesses across the Diamond Valley, including in Eltham, Doreen, St Helena, Greensborough, and Plenty. 


Why Eltham Glass For Your Pet Doors?

Local, Family Business

As a locally owned and operated family business, we know how important your four-legged family members are!

Experienced Glaziers

We’re qualified glaziers with a passion for what we do. When it comes to your family and security, we use our years of experience to help you feel safe and comfortable with your windows and doors.

Reliable, Quality Solutions

Nothing is more important to us than your safety and security. Whether it’s one window or several security doors, we offer high-quality solutions for your needs.


Order Your Pet Door

At Eltham Glass, we aim to make your home life as simple as possible with our pet doors. Wherever you are in Diamond Creek or across Melbourne, we come to you to provide and install pet doors that will keep pesky bugs out and your pets where you need them, all without compromising your security. Choose a pet door from our range or supply your own for us to install— either way, you’ll experience the Eltham Glass difference that has us known as the best glaziers in Diamond Creek.