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Welcome to Eltham Glass in Kangaroo Ground

Eltham Glass has been a trusted glazier for the Kangaroo Ground community for over 35 years. As a family-owned and operated business, we take pride in providing top-notch glass installation and repair services for your home or business. Feel free to get in touch with us today or drop by our store for all your glass, mirror, and splashback requirements.

Kangaroo Ground Locals

Our Diamond Creek shopfront has been a cornerstone of the local Kangaroo Ground community, thanks to our family’s decades-long commitment.

Experienced Glaziers

As highly skilled glaziers with a wealth of experience, we’re fully equipped to accomplish your job with precision.

Homes and Businesses

Collaborating with residents and business owners in Kangaroo Ground and the nearby vicinity is a source of pride for us.

Here For All Glass Services

Glass Repairs in Kangaroo Ground

Glass Repair

Encountered a damaged window or shattered glass at your residence or establishment? Rely on our prompt and effective solutions, and we’ll provide you with a complete glass repair service.
Glass Mirrors Kangaroo Ground


Explore our selection of custom mirrors, which includes bathroom, decorative, car, and gym mirrors, all available with professional installation.
Splashbacks Kangaroo Ground


With samples available in-store and the flexibility to match any Dulux colour, we possess the expertise to craft a diverse array of glass splashbacks perfectly aligned with your unique style.
Tabletops Kangaroo Ground


Safely shield your table’s surface with a personalised glass tabletop, created to fit the exact dimensions of your table, bedside table, tallboy, or other furniture pieces.
Double Glazing Kangaroo Ground

Double Glazing

Enhance the insulation and soundproofing of your home or commercial space with our range of double-glazed and energy-efficient glass solutions, suitable for both new and existing windows.
Pet Doors Kangaroo Ground

Pet Doors

From small to large, our pet door installation services cater to both cats and dogs, integrating them flawlessly into glass doors, even those with double-glazed glass.
Shower Screens Kangaroo Ground

Shower Screens

Eltham Glass boasts a proficient team ready to supply and install fixed-panel shower screens, offering an array of styles, shapes, and hardware choices for your consideration.
Laminated Safety Glass Kangaroo Ground

Laminated Safety Glass

Elevate the safety of your home or business with laminated safety glass for high-risk locations.
Leadlight Windows Kangaroo Ground

Custom Leadlight Windows

Our expertise lies in the creation of bespoke leadlight windows, tailored to your unique vision, to introduce a captivating design element into your environment.
Glass Repair near Kangaroo Ground

Get Glass Repairs Fast in Kangaroo Ground

Broken glass, whether it’s shower screens, double-glazed windows, or glass splashbacks, isn’t merely an aesthetic concern; it poses serious safety risks. From the potential for cuts and injuries to the increased vulnerability to break-ins, addressing glass damage promptly is paramount. At Eltham Glass, our team of skilled glaziers understand the urgency of efficient glass repair. We proudly serve Kangaroo Ground and the surrounding suburbs with our dedicated glass repair services, prioritising your safety and peace of mind.

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For Homes and Businesses in Kangaroo Ground

Glass for homes in Kangaroo Ground


Our swift and efficient services are tailored to handle issues like cracked, chipped, or broken windows, glass splashbacks, pet doors, and numerous other home-related matters, ensuring your peace of mind.

Interior and Exterior glazier in Kangaroo Ground

Interior and Exterior

Rely on our skills in interior and exterior glass repair, as we deliver comprehensive solutions to tackle any glass-related issues in your home or business.

Shopfronts glass repair Kangaroo Ground


Our service extends to commercial businesses such as shopfronts, ensuring your shopfront remains secure as well as visually pleasing.
Double Glazed Windows Kangaroo Ground

Double Glazed and Energy Efficient Glass

If you require double-glazed glass replacement or wish to boost your home’s energy efficiency, consider our double-glazed and energy-efficient glass repair services.
Mirrors and Other Glass Types Kangaroo Ground

Mirrors and Other Glass Types

Beyond glass doors and windows, our expertise covers the repair of mirrors and a range of other glass types, including laminated safety glass.

Glass pool fence Kangaroo Ground

Pool and Balcony Fences

Glass pool fencing and glass balustrades are essential safety installations for your home. Should they become damaged, timely repairs are of the utmost importance.

Your Glass Replacement and Repair Questions Answered

Is new glass installation something you offer as well?
Yes, certainly. As experienced glaziers, we offer both glass installation and glass replacement services.
What's the typical repair time for my broken window or damaged glass?
The repair timeline hinges on the extent of the damage and the type of glass involved. In the event of a broken glass emergency, we make every effort to provide same-day service. However, please bear in mind that repair timeframes can vary. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for an estimated timeframe for glass replacements.
Is it possible to fix only the damaged portion, or is it required to replace the entire panel?
To ensure safe and effective glass repairs, it’s necessary to replace the entire panel. Simply patching the damaged section of windows, mirrors, or splashbacks is not a viable solution.
Can double-glazed glass be replaced through your services?
Yes, it can! Replacing double-glazed glass necessitates the use of a double-glazed panel. Additionally, we present energy-efficient glass as an alternative, which offers similar advantages to double-glazing and proves to be a more cost-effective selection.
How can I improve the safety of a window or glass panel?
Utilising laminated safety glass is an excellent means to enhance the safety of your glass. This is particularly beneficial for locations susceptible to accidental breakage, like backyard areas, as this type of glass is engineered to minimise the risk of injury in the event of breakage. Laminated safety glass can also be a suitable choice for your shower screens and other areas exposed to moisture in your residential or commercial spaces.
What insurance and qualifications do you have?
Our Eltham Glass Pty Ltd team is qualified, fully insured, and abides by all industry standards.

Why Eltham Glass?

30+ Years of Experience

With our extensive experience and full qualifications as insured glaziers, we have the expertise needed to provide high-quality glass replacements.

Family Owned

At our family-owned business, we value our role as your trusted local glaziers, actively engaged in the community.

Quality Service

With a history dating back to 1988, we have remained committed to delivering quality workmanship and reliable products and service.

What Our Clients Say

Brad Sampson

Google Reviews
Absolute elite business.
Ryan and his team went out of their way for our full home reno to make sure our windows were perfectly suited to our needs.
They also helped me with mirrors in my business and helped my Nan replace her side mirror on her car. Top shelf service from this business and won’t go anywhere else
“Absolute elite business”

Georgia Bell

Google Reviews
Very professional business to deal with. I received a quote within 12 hours and was very happy with the price! The glass for my table top was delivered and installed in a very timely manner and I am very impressed with the quality. Will definitely use Eltham Glass for any future needs. Cheers guys!
“Very professional business to deal with.”

Peter Legend

Google Reviews
Need to replace a broken glass hinge panel for my pool fence. Took in the hinge to Eltham Glass, they designed, ordered and delivered the complex panel, fits perfectly. Easy to deal with, very helpful, recommend to anyone
“Easy to deal with, very helpful”

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Eltham Glass is a family-owned business with a specialisation in glass repairs, double-glazed windows, glass replacement, glass splashbacks, and more since 1988. Contact us for high-quality glazier services in Kangaroo Ground.